Audio Access

A portion of the digitized audio in the APS Library’s Digital Audio Repository is accessible via a login and password. Access allows the user to listen to streaming audio, download an .mp3 copy, and view information on the individual programs. This access can be set up by the following steps.

  1. Please take a moment to register on Aeon, the APS Library's online request system, by going to the Aeon main page and clicking on "First Time Users."
  2. Send an email to with (A) the username you created for yourself in Aeon and (B) a description of what audio you would like to access. This can be a specific audio track you located or a whole audio collection. (Note: you can find the name of the collection in the catalog record under the label "Parent Collection" or "Source.") You can also email for questions related to our audio collections, and for assistance finding audio material in the in the Library’s Collections..
  3. We will create an audio user account for you, set your account for to the requested material, and then email instructions on how to login and access the audio.

Please note that some materials may not be accessible online due to reasons of copyright or cultural sensitivity. Library staff will notify you if any requested audio materials are not accessible for such reasons.