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Elicitation of Nisgha sentences, 08-03-1984
Elicitation focused on relatives, future-marking, and determiners
Christmas Day song
Kachina Song
Ute Sun Dance Song
Song Refusing an Old Man (Skookum John)
Nisgha elicitation session: Sentences 1188-1208
Highland Chontal word and phrase elicitations
Text 31: Q'wäeti' plays a trick on Shark [1 of 3]
Seneca-Cayuga Green Corn: Ceremonial and Stomp Dance (tape 1) [Side A]
Kachina Song: Puwamey
Conversation on genealogy
Mink Song
Elicitation of aspect marking
Elicitation focused on determiners and modals
Song about Seagull (nAlbei) or Crow (sArani) eating something dead, caribou, fish, (dead man?)
Chitina Charley's Sleep Doctor Song: "I fly back home alive"
The Hand Game