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Tewa word list [1 of 2]
Tewa word list [2 of 2]
Opposum Story, Part I
Penobscot Walking Song
Penobscot Greeting Song
Munsee speech and song
Penobscot Snake Dance Song
Story about two Indians who went hunting
Elicitation of Penobscot sentences
Penobscot song
Penobscot song
Penobscot Speech [1 of 2]
Penobscot Speech [2 of 2]
White Deer [1 of 3]
White Deer [3 of 3]
Penobscot Greeting Song with variant melody by different chiefs
Penobscot song
Battle Song of Penobscot Shaman-Chief αpátehtek
Penobscot War Dance Song or Chant