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The Skunk That Cornered a Man (Cheyenne)
Protruding Teeth
Cheyenne sermon
The Frog That Waved for Help (Cheyenne)
Cheyenne text
Religion Parallels
Cheyenne Mennonite Church History [2 of 2]
Black Hills Claim
Cheyenne text
Cheyenne text
New Year's Eve Sermon [1 of 2]
The Man Who Turned into Buffalo Bones (English)
Cheyenne text
Cheyenne text
Cheyenne Tribal History (English) [1 of 2]
The Big Bogeyman
The Frog that Waved for Help (English)
Cheyenne text
The Introduction of Liquor at Fort Keogh (Cheyenne)
Grandmother Was at the Battle