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Elicitation focused on relatives, future-marking, and determiners
Kachina Song
Ute Sun Dance Song
Highland Chontal word and phrase elicitations
Kachina Song: Puwamey
Elicitation of aspect marking
Elicitation focused on determiners and modals
Lexical items to test glottalization: Ahousaht #2
Discussion of Piman Curing Practices
Text 50
A Gringo and an Otomi #1 (Spanish)
Formula 1: For treating black yellowness and red yellowness having spots
Cloud Dance Song
Story 16: Snotty-nosed Bird
Elicitation focused on determiners, nominal modification, word order, and possessor relations
Huanyo: Limpia acequia
Caddo terms for body parts, greetings, clothes, numbers [1 of 2]
Story 11: Monster in Stump Lake (English)
Text 110