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Discussion of "A Woman Who Cheated on Her Husband"
Interview with Watler and Nona Amos, George and Elsie Williams, and Harry Mike, 8-26-1996 [5 of 5]
Why the Dove Mourns
Discussion of Albert Moore's songs and Nez Perce music [2 of 2]
Interview with Clemente Zarate [2 of 3]
Elicitation focused on quantifiers and ac-
Elicitation of aspect marking
Interview with Hermalindo Jimenez on local religious practices [2 of 2]
Account of the history of San Matias Petacaltepec
Comanche Dance Song (Santa Fe Song)
Text 60
Formula 21, Translation and Commentary
Choctaw texts
Kawki conversation and huayno
Interview #24
Conjunct order verb forms and aspectual material [1 of 2]
Synoposis of preceding story
Interview with Della Boesche, 9-30-1995 [1 of 2]
Interview with Clemente Zarate [1 of 3]
Highland Chontal word and phrase elicitations