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Elicitation focused on relatives, future-marking, and determiners
Kachina Song
Ute Sun Dance Song
Highland Chontal word and phrase elicitations
Kachina Song: Puwamey
Mink Song
Elicitation of aspect marking
Elicitation focused on determiners and modals
Discussion of Piman Curing Practices
Text 50
Elicitation of Nahuatl words and phrases
Text 49
The Skunk That Cornered a Man (Cheyenne)
A Gringo and an Otomi #1 (Spanish)
Formula 1: For treating black yellowness and red yellowness having spots
Cloud Dance Song
Story 16: Snotty-nosed Bird
Elicitation focused on determiners, nominal modification, word order, and possessor relations
Neibid story [2 of 2]
Unidentified K'iche' text