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Interview and reading from Eastern Aleut Grammar and Lexicon
Ntlakyapamuk (Thompson-Salish) grammatical elicitation
Caddo terms for body parts, greetings, clothes, numbers [1 of 2]
Dios ometekwikatl [1 of 2]
Interview on Eastern Aleut grammar, Pribilof subdialect
Word list and usage analyses taken from Washington Matthews' Hidatsa Dictionary, pgs. 139-140
Translation from English to Hidatsa of an account of the origin of the Wolf Woman bundle, pg. 413
Swallow Songs X [2 of 4]
Ntlakyapamuk (Thompson-Salish) grammatical and lexical elicitation
Unidentified K'iche' text
Interview with Bill Cahwee [1 of 3]
Text 30: Q'wäeti'-'s amorous adventure [2 of 2]
Wenatchee Language Vocabulary
Recipe for Acorn Soup, Manzanita Flour, and Cider
Upper Chehalis grammatical eliciting
Story 11: Monster in Stump Lake (English)
Story about moose, followed by eight songs