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Story 16: Snotty-nosed Bird
Conversation and storytelling in Chevak's Qaygiq, 3:30PM-4:45PM [2 of 2]
A story about red-white rivalry and the background of an arrest
Elicitation focused on determiners, nominal modification, word order, and possessor relations
Neibid story [2 of 2]
Interview with Jenny Peters, Jake & Lily Tanzy
Bacile George's Father's (Willow Creek George's) Aunt's Song Rejecting Tom Nealy's Father: "Why don't you keep quiet?"
Peyote Song
Bacille George's Grandma's Love Song
Unidentified K'iche' text
Huanyo: Limpia acequia
Love Song
Santa Rosa Wine Feast Songs, Friday 4
Words for relatives, followed by elicitations of verbs
Interview and reading from Eastern Aleut Grammar and Lexicon
Ntlakyapamuk (Thompson-Salish) grammatical elicitation