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Interview with Andrew Skeeter [4 of 7]
Cherokee Suffix Forms
Interview with Mose Cahwee [1 of 2]
Alabama story
Voegelin Hopi Tape 2
Interview with Nan Kiokun and Daisy OlrAun, 6-26-1996 [3 of 4]
Interview with Phoebe Bucktrot Jones [1 of 9]
Hu ha heya
Translation from English to Hidatsa of Guts' war expedition narrative, pgs. 233-234
The Story of the Golden Castle
Nisgha elicitation session
Concerning the League: Onondaga to English, page 153 to 163
Elicitation focused on quantifiers and ac-
Butterfly Dance Song
Eliciation of Mikasuki words and phrases
Elicitation focused on pharyngeal movement, demonstratives, and determiners
Medicine Man (English)
Wabanaki Confederacy Photographs and Audio Recordings [3 of 3]
Interview with Mose Cahwee, part 2 [3 of 8]
New Year Greetings