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Text 6: Raven uses his son for bait [1 of 2]
Discussion of "A Woman Who Cheated on Her Husband"
Translation from English to Hidatsa of Wolf Chief's narrative, pgs. 400-404
Swallow Songs XLV
Seneca-Cayuga Green Corn: Ceremonial and Stomp Dance (tape 1) [Side A]
Two true stories from my Grandfather
Buzzard & Coyote
Why the Dove Mourns
Duck Creek Arbor Dance [2 of 2]
Central Pomo words and phrases
Duck Creek Group I [1 of 4]
Swallow Songs XII [4 of 4]
Discussion of Albert Moore's songs and Nez Perce music [2 of 2]
Swallow Songs XXXVI [2 of 2]
Interview with Clemente Zarate [2 of 3]