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Elicitation of Nisgha sentences, 08-03-1984
Kachina Song
Ute Sun Dance Song
Song Refusing an Old Man (Skookum John)
Nisgha elicitation session: Sentences 1188-1208
Highland Chontal word and phrase elicitations
Text 31: Q'wäeti' plays a trick on Shark [1 of 3]
Seneca-Cayuga Green Corn: Ceremonial and Stomp Dance (tape 1) [Side A]
Kachina Song: Puwamey
Conversation on genealogy
Elicitation of aspect marking
Elicitation focused on determiners and modals
Chitina Charley's Sleep Doctor Song: "I fly back home alive"
The Hand Game
Lexical items to test glottalization: Ahousaht #2
Discussion of Piman Curing Practices
How the Winnebago and the Menominee lived together near the Great Lake [2 of 2]
Nootka stories told by Peter Kishkish