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Cold Spring Seneca, Spool #1
Cold Spring Seneca, Spool #2 [1 of 3]
Cold Spring Seneca, Spool #2 [3 of 3]
Cold Spring Seneca, Spool #2 [2 of 3]
Seneca Songs
Kenneth Mather and John M. Thoday, Cold Spring Harbor, 1955
The Thanksgiving address
Sara Pierce
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Cold Spring Harbor, New York.  Tissue culture group (portrait of members).
Theodosius Dobzhansky with wife and Sophie. Summer at Cold Spring Harbor.
Hampton Carson,  Bruce Wallace, Theodosius Dobzhansky (r. to l.) at Cold Spring Harbor.
Letter to Mrs. Harriman from Cold Spring Harbor, August 21, 1910.
J. L. Lush, Reeve, Forbes and Roberson, Cold Spring Harbor, 1955
C. L. Huskins and F. Schrader standing outside in conversation.
M. Delbruck and W. M. Stanley, sitting outside in conversation.
A. E. Mirsky, J. Schultz and M. Perrod, standing on beach.
P. A. Cole and Albert Claude, standing outside in conversation.
Some physicists -- M. Delbruck, S. Luria, F. Exner.
Jimmy de Tomasi standing outside, house in background.
Arn Sparrow, Dick Ayr, Dr. A. M. Banta, Taylor Hinton and Kim Atwood posing outside, trees and building in background.