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Flashing light sign "Some People are Born to be a Burden on the Rest" used with small exhibit.
Flashing light sign "Learn About Heredity, You can help to correct these conditions" used with small exhibit.
Frederick F. Adams - Correspondence, 1926-1927
Clara Fraser - Correspondence, 1929
W.P. Thompson - Correspondence, 1927
Two young researchers in laboratory setting.
Fitter Family medal, "I Have a Goodly Heritage."
Chart used at Kansas Free Fair showing "marriages fit and unfit" with outcomes of "pure" and "abnormal" unions.
Board showing color inheritance in guinea pigs.
Guinea pigs showing color inheritance.
Flashing light sign used with first exhibit at Fitter Families Contest.
Chart used at Kansas Free Fair describing "unfit human traits" and the importance of eugenic marriage.
Eugenic and Health Exhibit, Kansas Free Fair, 1929.
Frank H. Hankins - Correspondence, 1927-1930
James A. Field - Correspondence, 1927-1928
Phillips Endecott Osgood - Correspondence, 1926
Eugenics Building, Fitter Families Contest, Kansas Free Fair.
Dr. Harry H. Laughlin with hat.
Examination building, Fitter Families Contest, Kansas Free Fair.
Dr. Jon Alfred Mjöen lecturing on Mendelian inheritance.