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Icebergs and ice.
Rathaus, Minden (Germany)
Minden (Germany): Old house, am Poos (Magazn building).
Minden (Germany): Old house am Domhof.
Meyer Boas.
Kitterton Harbor, Cumberland Sound
Cap Merry und durch Luftspiegelung verzerrtes Packeis. 1st August 1883 3 ½ Morgens.
Dunnet Head, von Nordgeschen, 27th Juni 1883, no. 3.
Altes Gymnasium, zu Minden i.W. (school of Franz Boas).
Sophie Boas, portrait, 3/4 view, with dark blouse, lace trim.
Minden (Germany): Market.
Sophie Boas, seated, wearing full hoop skirt.
Meyer Boas, grandfather of Franz Boas.
Sophie Boas, grandmother of Franz Boas
Salomon Meyer.
Franz Boas, age 10
Franz Boas, at Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.
Ursualtlung (American Harbor) von SW gischen.
Franz Boas as student.
Franz Boas at American Association for Advancement of Science as incoming president, with Thomas Hunt Morgan, outgoing president