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"Dinner of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, in Honour of the 70th Birthday of Ales Hrdlicka, Philadelphia, April 4, 1939."
"Hello Walter."
Diagram of animal and plant cells.
Origin of Species manuscript pages.
Descent of Man manuscript pages.
Carl Neuberg, 1/4 length portrait.
Signed portion of scientific papers.
Charles Darwin to [George John] Romanes, December 16, 1874.
Portrait of Ivan T. Sanderson.
Bee hive.
Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth formal portrait.
Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, full length, informal, seated outside.
Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, half length, formal, seated.
"Natural Selection," Man of the Day, No 33.
Portrait of elderly Charles Darwin, cabinet card.
"A swarm rises -- and is treated to the usual 'musical honours'"
Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, full length, informal, standing outside.
Strange appearance of the hive.
"Mr. C. R. Darwin, Author of the Origin of Species."
Common cottage hive and Eke.