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"Eugenics, like a tree, Eugenics draws its materials from many sources…"
"Race Suicide Declared Impossible," article on Alexander Graham Bell's views on race suicide and immigration restriction.
Foot exhibiting polydactylism.
"Hereditary Criminality and its Certain Cure."
Mary Ann Bevan, "The World's Ugliest Woman."
Dwarf mother with two young daughters.
Example of Mendelian Heredity.
"Key to the present system. Institution reporting."
Fitter Families for Georgia.
Mongolian Idiocy.
Matjos and Bela lifting weights.
Woman with facial hair.
Burden of the feebleminded.
Zoology Department Course Descriptions: Heredity and Genetics, Social Hygiene, University of Idaho.
Toney, Alligator Skin Boy, Dreamland Circus Side Show, Coney Island, N. Y.
Lionel, Half Man Half Lion at Dreamland Circus Side Show, Coney Island, N.Y.
Susi - "The Elephant Skin Girl."
Woman with facial hair, "Missing Link."
New Jersey State Village of Epileptics heredity chart.
Lillian Mahoney.