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John Spencer, Coast Athabaskan
Betty Brown, Yana
Beaufort Spencer, Coast Athabaskan
"Chief Handorgan"
"King Muskawken, Senior Chief, Confederation of the Western Nations"
Son of John Spencer, Coast Athabaskan
"Chief Wingard in Full Dress"
Unidentified speech
Children of Frank Wilkes, Yana
Betty Brown, Yana
Sam Batwi, Yana
Title page illustration
Frontal view of skull "from a mound at the corner of Main & 3rd Streets, Cinti., Ohio."
Dick Gere, Yana
Native American at camp site
The Eskimo tribes of north-east America. By Franz Boas.
Jack Orton, Chasta Costa
Map of Isabella Reserve
Map of Charlton Park