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Gospel Hymn "Yesterday, Today, Forever"
'E li ye, by Andy Brown
Identification of recording
Christmas Day song
Song Refusing an Old Man (Skookum John)
Chitina Charley's Sleep Doctor Song: "I fly back home alive"
Bacile George's Father's (Willow Creek George's) Aunt's Song Rejecting Tom Nealy's Father: "Why don't you keep quiet?"
Bacille George's Grandma's Love Song
Titus John's Song about Drunks that act like Muskrats
Mrs. Mentasta Bob's Sorry Song for her Song, Suslota
Mrs. Banzanita Billy's phonograph Sorry Song for her Son
Down Below Dance Song
Dance Song from Minto
Snatch of TcElali Drinking Song
Joe Goodlataw's "Grandfather's" (mother's father's brother's) Sorry Song for Joe's great(?) grandfather who drowned. TurAl. "ayo heye hey hayo hayu"
Jim McKinley's Sorry Song for Oscar Craig, 1967
Tenas Waski song
Jumping Dance Song
Tlingit "Rest Song" (for GInexqwan-yAtxi)