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Gospel Hymn "Yesterday, Today, Forever"
Identification of recording
'E li ye, by Andy Brown
Song Refusing an Old Man (Skookum John)
Chitina Charley's Sleep Doctor Song: "I fly back home alive"
Johnny Goodlataw's Sleep Doctor Song about Bush Indians
Snatch of Sleep Doctor's song about YAngRadi sARani
Big Stickwan's Sleep Doctor Song
Alice Stickwan's Father's Sleep Doctor Song
Skookum John's Doctor Song about God
McKinley George's Sleep Doctor Song (II): "Far off SArani"
Eskaldita's Sleep Doctor Song (no words)
Big Stickwan's Sleep Doctor Song: "Different People Give It"
McKinley George's Sleep Doctor Song (I): "In Heaven I have a place"
Martha's Father's Uncle's Sleep Doctor Song
Song Refusing an Old Man
Old Ewan's Sleep Doctor Song
Chief Andrew's Sleep Doctor Song: "Rich woman comes into your house"
Snatch of Sleep Doctor's Song