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Banquet tendered physicians and delegates to the national Conference on Race Betterment by the Battle Creek Sanitarium portrait in dining hall.
Fourth International Botanical Congress, Ithaca 1926, Agronomy and Genetics.
International Genetics Symposia, Tokyo and Kyoto, 1956.
International Congress of Genetics, 8th, Stockholm, 1948.
Conference at Sippewisset, Massachusettes, on problems of the Biology of aging, six men full length, seated and 14 men half length, standing.
International Botanical Congress, 5th, Cambridge, Eng., 1930.
5th International Congress of Genetics, Berlin, September 11-17, 1927.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Genetics.  Biological Conference, 1938, group portrait.
Conference on Cell Theory, Stanford University.
Genetics Society of America, Chelsey Hotel, Atlantic City ,N.J., December 28th 1932.
Third circular of the committee, relating to the contemplated meeting to commence on the first Monday of April 1844. To which are added certain proceedings of the board of management of the institute.
Interview on the organization of Camp Meetings
Philadelphia, November 1, 1776. Sir, Your company is requested at the Philosophical Society Hall, this evening at six o'clock, on business of importance
By order of the president. Sir, The committee (to whom the consideration of the papers communicated to the society at their weekly meetings is referred...) having been appointed to meet at the society's house in Crane-Court, Fleetstreet
Sir[,] These are to give notice that on the thirteenth day of November 179_, being St. Andrew's Day, the council and officers of the Royal Society are to be which election, your presence is expected
"The field is the world." London, May 18, 1860
Rennselaerville Memorial Session
The officers and counsellrs [sic] of the American Philosophical Society, hold a stated meeting at their hall tomorrow evening at __ o'clock
Proxy. I hereby constitute _____ to be my attorney, to deliberate and vote for me at a meeting of the stockholders of the Philadelphia Museum Company.... September _____, 1836.
1858. [List of] stated meetings [and] ...stated business [for the year]. ...Officiating secretaries and curators