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Pauingassi schoolchildren, 1958
Pauingassi, June 1991 (or 1989)
Charlie George Owen and Margaret Simmons
Manitoba. Southern sheet. Canada. Compiled and engraved at the Chief Geographer's Office.
Pauingassi, June 1955 (with ID labels)
Naamiwan's sons
Thunderbird Rapids
[Lake Winnipeg and territory to the east].
Charlie George Owen and Margaret Simmons viewing Hallowell's photographs
Charlie George Owen and Big Drum
Conversations around Pauingassi
Interview with Boushey Pascal, January 17, 2002
Interview with Nelson Owen and Elaine Owen, July 25, 2005 [2 of 2]
Sound effects traveling around Pauingassi, with miscellaneous conversations
Snow and plane sound effects
Translating Boushey Pascal [1 of 2]
Interview with Charlie George Owen, 1993 [1 of 2]
Interview with David Owen, January 17, 2002
Miscellaneous conversations
Reminiscences about Charlie George, and going around Pauingassi