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The Repeal, or the Funeral of Miss Ame-Stamp.
"London Corresponding Society alarm'd vide Guilty Conscience."
"A Democrat."
"We Explain the Rights of Men to de Noblesse."
"A Sure Cure for all Paines."
"Wha Wants Me," Cartoon associated with Thomas Paine.
"Tom Paine's nightly pest."
"Hear and improve," he pertly cries, "I come to make all nations wise."
"Two Pair of Portraits."
"The End of Pain."
"Tree of Liberty, with the Devil Tempting John Bull."
"The Absent Man."
"Mad Tom, or the Man of Rights."
"Cobbett at Coventry."
"Mad Tom's First Practical Essay on the Rights of Man."
"A radical reformer."