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CAnkuqedi Coming-in Song
cAnkuqedi Sitting Down Song
cAnkuqedi Sitting Down Song
Dance Song composed by Dry Bay Chief George about Kardeetoo; to gIneXqwan-yATx'i
Another Tlingit Song
Dancing Song and Jerkey Dance Song
Dance Song: "a a hiye ya iye heya"
Tlingit Worry Song
Similar Dance Song
Athabaskan Ptarmigan Dance Song
Jerky Dance Song
Tlingit Song (for GInexqwan-yAtxi) "Rest Song"
Tlingit Song (for Tcicqedi-yAtxi)
Nenana potlatch song: "a a hiye ho ho hiye"
Down-the-Line Dance Song "ga la 'aha"
Tsimshian Walking Song (learned from Tlingit)
Dance Song, "qaqaqa"
Down Below Dance Song
Tlingit Dance Song, learned from Northway
Jumping Dance Song