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cAnkuqedi Sitting Down Song
cAnkuqedi Sitting Down Song
Dance Song composed by Dry Bay Chief George about Kardeetoo; to gIneXqwan-yATx'i
CAnkuqedi Coming-in Song
Tlingit Song (for GInexqwan-yAtxi) "Rest Song"
Jerky Dance Song
Dancing Song and Jerkey Dance Song
Tsimshian Walking Song (learned from Tlingit)
Athabaskan Ptarmigan Dance Song
Another Tlingit Song
Marching Song (kwack'qwan)
cAnkuqedi Dance Song
Similar Dance Song
Tlingit Worry Song
Dance Song, "qaqaqa"
Nenana potlatch song: "a a hiye ho ho hiye"
Jumping Dance Song
Tlingit "Rest Song" (for GInexqwan-yAtxi)
Down Below Dance Song
Tlingit Dance Song, learned from Northway