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C. L. Huskins and F. Schrader standing outside in conversation.
M. Delbruck and W. M. Stanley, sitting outside in conversation.
A. E. Mirsky, J. Schultz and M. Perrod, standing on beach.
P. A. Cole and Albert Claude, standing outside in conversation.
Some physicists -- M. Delbruck, S. Luria, F. Exner.
Jimmy de Tomasi standing outside, house in background.
Arn Sparrow, Dick Ayr, Dr. A. M. Banta, Taylor Hinton and Kim Atwood posing outside, trees and building in background.
D. Riddle standing outside, holding cigarette.
P. T. Ives sitting on beach, people and cars in background.
C. L. Huskins standing outside near low wall.
Sewall Wright standing outside, plants and building in backgournd.
Symposium recorder with Carton and Berwind.
Demerec walking on beach in bathing suit, talking to unidentified man.
I. Fanduhen, R. D. Boche, F. M. Uber, sitting outside.
D. F. Jones, M. M. Rhoades, W. R. Singleton standing outside, building in background.
Dorathy Klem, standing outside in coat, trees in background.
R. R. Gates and T. S. Painter sitting outside.
Conference on the sand -- W. M. Stanley, J. W. Gowen, A. E. Mirsky and M. Delbruck.
Symposium Intermission.
L. J. Stadler and S. Luria standing outside laughing.