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George Gaylord Simpson, sitting in study at National Museum of Natural History.
Frontal view of skull "from a mound at the corner of Main & 3rd Streets, Cinti., Ohio."
George Gayrlord Simpson at Camp Number Two.
Unknown figure
Crowd outside of Casa Rosada, after the revolution, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
George Gaylord Simpson and others at the sea-cow pond.
Leo Lesquereux, portrait, bust
Lateral view of skull "from a mound at the corner of Main and 3rd Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio"
George Simpson, bust length portrait, while at University of Arizona.
 Elephant skeleton
Titian Ramsay Peale, full portrait, seated.
Two birds, "drawn for Capt. M. Lewis."
Titian Ramsey Peale
Fort Sutter?
Charles Willson Peale
George Gaylord Simpson, preparing to leave a fossile dig.
George Gaylord  Simpson and unidentified man, standing outside.
Heart and blood vessels
Bison Bulls