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Willet (bird)
Landscape: mountain view
Guanaco, Rio Negro, Patagonia
Design for coin or medallion (eagle)
Sheep, Bighorn
Forest scene
Saururus Cernuus L.
Bats, "off the Coast of Brazil"
White violet, "Indiana 10 miles above the yellow banks on the Ohio"
Liliaceous genus from William Hamilton's "Stove"?
Wolves. 1. Lupus gigas 2. Lupus occidentalis
Wolf (female)..."Near 3 years old, Indiana"
Sandpiper sp.
Storm Petrel, "Blue Petral, male"
Piping Plover (Snowy Plover)
Lizard, Magdaline River, So. America.
Insects, Plate no. 17
Sterna minuta (Tern)
Thomas M. Rivers, portrait, half-length.