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Title page of first edition of  The American Crisis.
View of the Triumphal Arch, and the manner of receiving General Washington at Trenton, on his route to New York.
Title page from first edition Thomas Paine's Common Sense.
"The Fruits of Arbitrary Power, or the Bloody Massacre"
The Death of General Wolfe.
The Old Liberty Bell
The Tea Tax Tempest of the Anglo-American Revolution.
The Death of General Montgomery at Quebec.
"Residence of John Bartram, built with his own hands, a.d.1730."
The Repeal, or the Funeral of Miss Ame-Stamp.
Sketch of a medal, depicting a battle scene, "Dessin original pour la Medaille de Morgan."
Joint petition to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania for two lots on State House Square.
Charge of the First Brigade, Commanded by Col. M. B. Walker, on the Friday evening of the Battle of Stone River.
Explication de la médaille frappée par les Americains en 1782.
Titian R. Peale and family sitting outside, full length, profile, informal.
Rough sketch of a cannon.
Stone house and barn, trees in forefront.
Thomas Paine Cottage, North and Paine Aves., New Rochelle, N.Y., postcard.
Sketch of a cannon.
Thomas Paine memorial.