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Engineer Cantonment [Missouri River]
"Comptonia asplendifolia." Comptonia Peregrina
Spigelia marylandica L.
Ludwigia alternifolia L
Prunus maritima Wang.
View of shoreline & ships from a barge
Nine unidentified men standing outside building.
Dicentra (cultivar?)
Anemone canadensis L.
Dirca palustris [i.e. palustria] L.
Excerpt from the George Weedon (Valley Forge) Orderly Book
Morphological figures
"View from [West Point looking Toward Fort Putnam]"
Medeola virginica L
View from the lower end of Newberg down the River
Horned lizard (horned toad), collected by Lewis and Clark.
"After passing Anthony-nose. The first appearance of Sugar loaf Hill"
Dracontium [Skunk cabbage]
Tree trunk & branches
Helonias bullata L.