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Samuel Austin Worcester.
Augustin Dupre, Drawing for the Libertas Americana medal.
Sketches for rev. of Franklin medal (Zigrosser, fig. 7)
"London Corresponding Society alarm'd vide Guilty Conscience."
Ruben Peale museum solicitation.
Observatory of Georgetown College, D.C.
Thomas Paine Memorial House, New Rochelle, NY, postcard.
Thomas Paine Monument, postcard.
Minerva sketch (Zigrosser, fig. 6)
Profile portrait, identified by caption as Thomas Paine.
Thomas Paine.
Thomas Paine, portrait, as older man with hand in coat.
Full length view of Thomas Paine, standing, holding copy of "Rights of Man."
Hercules (Zigrosser, fig. 9)
Thomas Paine, portrait, seated with book.
Titian Ramsey Peale and Mary Jeane Peale, seated in parlor.
Thomas Dudley, portrait,
Membership certificate in the Society of Cincinnati for Muhlenberg, October 31, 1785
"A Democrat."
A Map of North Carolina.