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Family affected by albinism.
The Tribe of Ishmael
Flashing light sign "Some People are Born to be a Burden on the Rest" used with small exhibit.
"Eugenics, like a tree, Eugenics draws its materials from many sources…"
Flashing light sign "Learn About Heredity, You can help to correct these conditions" used with small exhibit.
Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Charles B. Davenport.
Midgets at Luna Park, Coney Island, New York.
Banquet tendered physicians and delegates to the national Conference on Race Betterment by the Battle Creek Sanitarium portrait in dining hall.
Pedigree of Tribe of Ishmael.
Foot exhibiting polydactylism.
"Hereditary Criminality and its Certain Cure."
Mary Ann Bevan, "The World's Ugliest Woman."
Two young researchers in laboratory setting.
Fitter Family medal, "I Have a Goodly Heritage."
Dwarf mother with two young daughters.
Example of Mendelian Heredity.
"Key to the present system. Institution reporting."
Fitter Families for Georgia.
Mongolian Idiocy.
Matjos and Bela lifting weights.