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Woman with facial hair.
Burden of the feebleminded.
Zoology Department Course Descriptions: Heredity and Genetics, Social Hygiene, University of Idaho.
Toney, Alligator Skin Boy, Dreamland Circus Side Show, Coney Island, N. Y.
Lionel, Half Man Half Lion at Dreamland Circus Side Show, Coney Island, N.Y.
Susi - "The Elephant Skin Girl."
Chart used at Kansas Free Fair showing "marriages fit and unfit" with outcomes of "pure" and "abnormal" unions.
Woman with facial hair, "Missing Link."
New Jersey State Village of Epileptics heredity chart.
Lillian Mahoney.
Lady Little, Baron Paucci, and Wee Jeanie.
Board showing color inheritance in guinea pigs.
Mrs. Robert Roy.
Baby Doll.
Zoology Department Course Descriptions, University of Idaho.
Letter to Mrs. Harriman from Cold Spring Harbor, August 21, 1910.
Lionel, the Man-lion at age 5.
Guinea pigs showing color inheritance.
Sabella Rogers with Matjos, Bela, and girl.
"Exhibit of Work and Educational Campaign for Juvenile Mental Defectives."