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Mendel's Theatre showing inheritance of hair color.
Mongolian Idiots Hands.
Pedigree for feeblemindedness.
Judge Harry Olson.
Winner of Large Family Class, Texas State Fair, 1925.
Midget Village, Chicago.
Dr. Harry H. Laughlin.
"How to Keep Well: Results of Mixing the Races."
Chief Pantagal.
Dr. Jon Alfred Mjöen pointing to stuffed rabbit, lecturing on inheritance.
"Interesting Researches by the Carnegie Institution Disprove the Popular Notion that a 'Pass-for-White' Person Married to a Pure White May Have a Negro Child."
Eugenics Conference Announcement cover with picture of Francis Galton.
Charles Benedict Davenport, portrait.
Charles Benedict Davenport, bust, profile, informal, seated at desk writing.
Charles Benedict Davenport and cat.
Charles Benedict Davenport, full length, informal, standing outside on steps if front of door.
Charles Benedict Davenport, bust, formal.
Francis Galton, founder of eugenics, in his 82nd year.
Winner of Medium Family Class, Fitter Families Contest, Kansas Free Fair, 1927.
Exhibit and Examination Building, Fitter Families Contest, Michigan State Fair.