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Benjamin Franklin's annotated copy of the first printing of the Constitution.
Benjamin Franklin, 3/4 length, 3/4 view, seated with pen in hand, by unidentified artist after Mason Chamberlain.
Benjamin Franklin in fur cap, after Charles Nicolas Cochin.
Franklin s'oppose aux taxes en 1766.
Benjamin Franklin to Ferdinand Grand (France) Promissory Note no. 17, October 30, 1781.
Benjamin Franklin.
Oval oil portrait of Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin.
Franklin's sketch of floor plan for his house.
Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin, fur collar portrait.
Note from Princess Daschkow to Benjamin Franklin, January 30 [1781]
Benjamin Franklin to Ferdinand Grand (France) Promissory Note no. 12, August 15, 1781.
Duc de Chaulnes Improvement of Dr. Franklin's Electrical Kite.
Benjamin Franklin, portrait, full-length, seated, by Phillibrown after Chappel.
Designs for an Emblem of the Thirteen Original States
Blank invitation to dinner for Monday, July 5, to celebrate the Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
Drafting the Declaration of Independence, 1776.
Benjamin Franklin.
On l'a vu desarme les Tirans et les Dieux.