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Group of men and women standing outside with trees and car in background.
Dr. Andre Dreyfuss, standing outside in snow, 3/4 length portrait.
Ber Kaufmann and Al Miller.
Sergi Sergeevich Tsechetverikoff, formal portrait.
Mrs. Sansome, Eileen, Dr. Huskins during the Genetics Society Meetings at Woods Hole.
Jack Schultz at Woods Hole, Mass. Marine Biological Laboratory.
Dr. Tallman and Barabara Burks sitting on beach with water and sky in background.
Bonnevie (?), formal portrait.
Vernon Bryson, standing out side of building.
Ugo Fano Leaving a Drosophila Seminar.
Heston (?), standing outside.
Dorothy Wrinch standing near low fence.
Dr. Andre Dryfuss standing outside in snow, full length portrait.
Kottie Klem and Bill Kempner on beach.
Stanford, Gary and Chambers, standing outside.
G. H. Parker, carte de visite.
Epling, Falconer and Roberson, Pavia, 1953
Four people standing on small island surrounded by water.
The Stadlers walking across a street.
Lunch on the Lawn -- Lou Stillwell, Jimmy Potter, Janis Baker, Ber Kaufmann.