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Barbara McClintock standing outside, building in background.
Demerec on the beach in bathing suit with man and woman.
Jennings, standing outside, Woods Hole.
Bridges, standing against brick wall, Woods Hole.
View of men with dogs, Cornell Department of Plant Breeding, 1928.
Osterhout, seated looking at a book, Woods Hole, 1921.
Hampton Carson,  Bruce Wallace, Theodosius Dobzhansky (r. to l.) at Cold Spring Harbor.
L. J. Stadler and C. Stern, sitting outside in covernsation.
Weidenreich, Gregory, Smuts, and von Konigswald, half length, informal, standing examining skulls.
L. C. Dunn, B. Ephrussi, C. Stern sitting outside, building in background.
Haldane, Farlington (?), Demerec and Stadler standing outside, trees in background.