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Unidentified men sitting around table, figure in background blurry.
Anderson, standing outside.
Unidentified men around a table, foreground figure blurry.
Arn Sparrow, Phil Bridges, Taylor Hinton standing outside, plants in background.
A Carnegie Quartet -- Barbara Korsch, Taylor Hinton, Eileen Sutton, Arn Sparrow.
Bob Stewart and Maydelle Bishop Finally Got Engaged.
Swimming off the dock.
Uber, Wrinch and Mazia standing near a low fence with house in background.
Loeb, standing outside, holding tennis racket.
Woods (?), standing outside building.
Unidentified man, half length, informal, sitting at a desk reading.
Cornell University, Department of Genetics, class group portrait.
Cornell University Department of Plant Breeding.
Bradley Merrill Patten and T. C. Kramer, informal, one crouching wearing a white labcoat, one standing wearing a gray labcoat, examining scientific machinery.
Milislav Demerec.
The H. J. Mullers, A. Weinstein, The C. Lindegens, standing outside.
E. E. Jones and C. J. Lynch, standing outside with mouse trap.
At the Society picnic -- Kimballs and Carlsons.
F. M. Hott and P. B. Sawin standing outside, in coversation.
M. Whittinghill, standing outside with trees, flowers and building in background.