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A. Hollaender and N. H. Giles standing outside in coversation, plants in foreground.
M. Gordon standing outside, near open window of building.
Group of men standing outside of building during the Genetics Society Meeting.
Edgar Anderson and B. P. Kaufmann standing outside.
Genetics Society of America, Chelsey Hotel, Atlantic City ,N.J., December 28th 1932.
Genetics Society of America, group portrait, standing outside of building at Woods Hole Massachusetts.
Columbia University Fly Room with bananas.
Fourth International Botanical Congress, Ithaca 1926, Agronomy and Genetics.
Theodore Boveri.
Yuri Filipchenko.
Columbia University Fly Room.
International Genetics Symposia, Tokyo and Kyoto, 1956.
Alfred Sturtevant ("hot dog").
William Bateson.
Motoo Kimura and de Freia, at Mishima.
Dobzhansky in his first car.
International Congress of Genetics, 8th, Stockholm, 1948.
Conference at Sippewisset, Massachusettes, on problems of the Biology of aging, six men full length, seated and 14 men half length, standing.
Ernst Haeckel.
International Botanical Congress, 5th, Cambridge, Eng., 1930.