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Alfred Sturtevant relaxing in the grass.
Howard Levene.
5th International Congress of Genetics, Berlin, September 11-17, 1927.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Genetics.  Biological Conference, 1938, group portrait.
Alfred Sturtevant.
Goldschmidt Lab, Kaiser Wilhelm Institut: women at specimen boxes.
Columbia University Fly Room with bananas.
Franz Schrader flipping flap jacks.
Motoo Kimura and family.
Zhukousky [?], half length, profile, seated with graduate students, Zhores Medvedev, Tat'iana Alekseevna Maurina, and Vladimir Evgen'evich Egorov half length standing.
William Bateson's visit to Cornell University.
Columbia University Department of Zoology.  Members of the staff and graduate students, formal, six men seated, ten men standing.
Richard Hertwig.
Goldschmidt Lab, Kaiser Wilhelm Institut: female workers.
Franz Schrader and Sally Hughes-Schrader.
Fritz Schaudin.
Lionel Penrose, Mrs. Penrose, and child of Harris.
William Bateson.
Theodore Boveri.
Carl Correns.