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Group of men and women standing outside with trees and car in background.
Dr. Andre Dreyfuss, standing outside in snow, 3/4 length portrait.
Thaslaldson (?) standing outside in Chicago.
House with trees, plants and driveway.
Joe B [?], carte de visite.
Formal portrait of Watauti [?].
Harold Abramsom completely surrounded by water.
R. Cleland, R. Levine and Waddington, Tokyo, 1956
Raymond Pond, formal portrait.
Two men standing on beach, one in swimming suit, one wearing a tie.
Sam Pond seated at desk.
Two women working  in laboratory, seated.
Mrs. Sansome, Eillen Sutton, Barbara Korsch sitting on steps outside of building.
W. B. Cannon, Harvard, '96.
Twin Dresses on Eileen Sutton and Kitty Brehme Warren.
Blackford -- Eric and Ruth Ponder with Barbara Abramson and Molly Davson.
T. L. Smith, standing outside in front of plants.
Ugo and Lilla Fano, Mrs. Sax, Mrs. Carlson, Carlson and Sax standing outside on sidewalk with buildings in background.
The Carlsons and Patsey Taylor, sitting outdoors on grass.
Goodrick (?), standing outside.