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John Spencer, Coast Athabaskan
Betty Brown, Yana
Beaufort Spencer, Coast Athabaskan
"Chief Handorgan"
"King Muskawken, Senior Chief, Confederation of the Western Nations"
Son of John Spencer, Coast Athabaskan
"Chief Wingard in Full Dress"
Waabano lodge
Kiiwiichens and Kamanaachis Keeper, portrait
Duck Lake structures
Women dancing, Dream Dance Ceremony
Stanley Quill, portrait
Berens River by canoe, lining at rapids
Berens River by canoe, unloading at portage
Nenk (Bushie) Owen, portrait
Ojibwa women and children, group portrait
Fish drying rack
Ojibwa women with crandleboards, portrait
Berens River by canoe, steep bank, two men and boats