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612c: Herbarium #425--Scraping dogwood bark
612d: Herbarium #425--Scraping dogwood bark
606: Herbarium #422--Pneumonia medicine by spring
607: Herbarium #424--'A protector'
611: Jemima Gibson takes it home to 'sleep on' to dream what ails her
612a: Herbarium #425--Scraping dogwood bark
612b: Herbarium #425--Scraping dogwood bark
610: Jemima Gibson takes the second plant to make antidote against charm
609: Jemima Gibson takes second plant for medicine
608: Jemima Gibson offers tobacco to first plant
Contrasted Opinions of Paine's Pamphlet
No Grumbling
A Map of North Carolina.
The seat of war of the revolution in the southern states; shewing the principal movements of the hostile armies.
Neithe War Nor Peace!
John Bull's Sacrifice to Janus, a Design for a Peace-Offering to the Convention
A Bait for John Bull