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A-302: Ojibwa woman, portrait, kneeling outside
A-333: Ojibwa gathering
A-334: Ojibwa woman, facing away
A-093: Kiiwiichens Keeper, portrait outside zhaabandowaan
A-099: Shoowap Keeper, profile
A-072: Atoine Bittern, Gordon Berens, and Chief William Berens, near tents.
A-045: Group portrait, Little Grand Rapids portage
A-061: Berens River rapids, both banks
A-062: Berens River rapids
A-066: Berens River rapids
A-119: Man and woman, seated in front of Waabano lodge
A-156: Five boys swimming
A-174: Man carrying drum
A-205: Naamiwan (Fairwind), portrait, three-quarter view
A-225: Sarah Crow and two children
A-243: Naamiwan (Fairwind), portrait beside dance pavilion
A-245: Niimi'idiiwigami and river at Poplar Hill
A-245: Niimi'idiiwigami and river at Poplar Hill
A-249: Two Ojibwa, with pole structure and birch trees
A-255: Sagmlnaknepik, portrait