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A-223: Wewaant, family portrait
A-209: Aankus and Miskwa'o Owen, portrait
A-232: Wiisakejaak and Maanaadiz Pascal, portrait
A-261: White dog, looking inland
A-262: White dog on hill
A-296: Wood structure
A-299: Abraham Keeper family portrait
A-210: Aankus and Miskwa'o Owen, portrait, seated outside
A-237: Waagidiniigan Keeper, portrait
F-174: George Howard Keeper, Charlie Bittern, David Alix, and Simon Alix, group portrait.
F-206: Three men standing, portrait
F-213: Grave yard, Fort Alexander
F-219: Ojibwa men, group portrait
F-220: Ojibwa men and women, group portrait
F-221: Three men standing outside, portrait
F-233: Ojibwa standing beside tent structure, portrait
F-242: J. Big Wind, smiling, portrait
F-243: J. Big Wind, portrait
F-273: Pole structure in meadow
F-288: Three Ojibwa, group portrait