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A-312: Ojibwa man and fish over coals
A-328: Ojibwa group, outdoor activities
A-329: Ojibwa groups, outside on river bank
A-331: Ojibwa group, with tents
A-001: Berens River dock
A-002: Berens River dock
A-003: Berens River dock
A-204: Naamiwan (Fairwind), portrait, standing
A-270: Five Ojibwa by Duck Lake, portrait
A-125: Maamaan Duck, portrait, sitting outside
A-128: Pachiish, portrait
A-131: Noochipine and family, portrait
A-135: Shinishkaank and Waapishiink, portrait
A-136: Shinishkaank, portrait
A-144: Ochikomish and young woman with two children
A-145: Nitapnaakos, portrait
A-083: Little Grand Rapids, approach from water
A-084: Little Grand Rapids, view from fire tower
A-086: Little Grand Rapids, view of island camp, log house
A-094: Pole structure