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F-121: Ojibwa, Duck Lake, two men in front of Waabano lodge
F-142: Naamiwan (Fairwind), portrait
F-216: Fish and meat smoking on wooden structure
F-274: Two Ojibwa men, portrait
F-276: Ojibwa in horse-drawn wagon
F-278: Running horse and onlookers
F-279: Five Ojibwa, portrait
F-281: Ojibwa man and woman, portrait
F-294: Ojibwa man and woman with pipe, portrait
F-228: Farrington and Tom Evans, portrait
A-100: Man recovering canoe
A-190: Conjuring lodge construction, binding horizontal poles
A-191: Conjuring lodge construction, pole structure
A-193: Conjuring lodge, complete
A-281: Duck Lake pole structure
F-141: Dream Drum ceremony
F-298: Children, group portrait
F-299: Children, group portrait in snow
F-315: Dream drum
A-324: Drying rack, with dog