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Wissahickon Falls.
A View of the New Market from the Corner of Shippen & Second Streets Philadelphia, 1787.
Hall of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.
Bank of the United States, Chestnut Street Philadelphia.
Commissioners Hall,  Spring Garden, Philadelphia.
Girard College, Main Building.
View of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Philadelphia.
Penitentiary, Philadelphia.
Lorraine apartment house.
The late Theatre in Chestnut Street Philadelphia.
High Street, with the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 1800.
View of the Water Works at Center Square Philadelphia.
Bank of Pennsylvania, South Second Steet, Philadelphia.
Proposed Building of the American Philosophical Society on the Parkway.
Arcade, Philadelphia.
The Jail Philadelphia.
The Pennsylvania Hospital, 1799.
Boating on the water works, looking from the westward above the Upper Ferry Bridge.