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Spirit of Bien Boa appearing to medium Marthe Beraud.
Christening of Nautilus at Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Nautilus being towed into Portsmouth, England.
Transparent figure of female in robes beside table.
Group portrait of Nautilus crew on ice floe.
Frank Blumberg looking at gyro, on board the Nautilus.
H. Wilkins, Nautilus crew member, in cold weather gear.
Spirit in death pose behind seated man.
Wolfgang Köhler's office.
"Departure for America."
"Summer Solstice & and Miserable Modern Man," and "Songs for a Four-Crowned Dancing Hat."
Painted miniature portrait of Susan Lesley.
"Summer in Main."
Half length portrait of somber Susan Lesley in profile.
Wolfgang Köhler receiving Festschrift, 1962.
Bust of Susan Lesley, 3/4 profile.
Joseph Russell Smith and Henrietta S. Smith in their room at George School, 1898.
Joseph Russell Smith at a young age.
View of children posed around Druim Moir fountain.
Northern Nut Growers' Association group portait, 1916.