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Joselph Russell Smith, seated at table in Okaya, Japan, 1925.
Joseph Russell Smith, mounted photograph, 1908.
Joseph Russell Smith, seated in boat.
Ludlow Ogden Smith in Navy uniform.
William Ezra Lingelbach, 3/4 length, sitting, portrait.
Joseph Russell Smith, with unidentified men, Japan, 1925.
William Ezra Lingelbach at beach.
Joseph Russell Smith, formal portrait with beard.
William Ezra Lingelbach, profile, 3/4 length, informal, standing in front of radio microphone.
Abington Friends School, group portrait, 1892.
Illumination to prayer to St. Anthony the Abbot
3/4 view portrait of William Ezra Lingelbach.
Portrait of J. Peter Lesley and young son.
Joseph Russell Smith lecturing at Columbia University.
Joseph Russell Smith and Henrietta Stweart Smith, 1902.
Joseph Russell Smith, standing outside examing plant.
William Ezra Lingelbach, formal portrait.
William Ezra Lingelbach, seated in chair, holding book.
William Ezra Lingelbach, bust,sitting, portrait.
Joselph Russell Smith and family.