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Richard Henry Shryock, 3/4 length, standing, formal portrait.
Richard Harrison Shryock and Mrs. Shryock (?) standing outside, Wissahickon, Pa.
Richard Henry Shryock, 3/4, sitting, formal portrait.
Jane Reuben Haines, carte de visite.
William Ezra Lingelbach (?) and family, seated outside, group portrait.
William Ezra Lingelbach, seated at desk, reading book.
Joseph Russell Smith, seated outside on bench.
Ludlow Ogden Smith, 3/4 portrait.
Bust of J. Peter Lesley.
William Ezra Lingelbach (?), bust, sitting, formal portrait.
William Ezra Lingelbach, in cap and gown, 3/4 length, with unidentified man also wearing cap and gown.
Joseph Russell Smith, formal portrait.
William Parker Foulke, bust, profile, formal.
William Parker Foulke, full length portrait
William Parker Foulke, half length, profile, formal, standing.
Ludlow Ogden Smith
William Ezra Lingelbach wearing graduation cap and robe.
Richard Harrison Shryock (?), standing outside, leaning against rock.
William Ezra Lingelbach, sitting in automobile with two small children,  informal portrait.
Nadar astral portrait of Eugene Rochas, standing.