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Franz Boas, about age four.
Franz Boas, portrait (profile).
Alemannia (Burschenschaft).
Elsie Clews Parsons, bathing suit photo.
Theodor-Wilhelm Danzel to Franz Boas, September 1, 1933.
William Willis, teaching class.
Rathaus, Minden (Germany), view 2.
Franz and Gertrude Boas
Minden (Germany): Rathaus, house of Emilie Boas, aunt of Franz Boas.
William Willis on the steps of the American Philosophical Society.
Dr. William S. Willis and Wife, newspaper clipping.
Franz and Gertrude Boas
Eisberg, 28th of Juli 1883.
William Willis, Howard University yearbook photograph.
Franz Boas, about age 12, school group portrait.
Minden (Germany): Cathedral.
Parsons, seated outside.
View between two icebergs.and person visible in foreground.
Boas Glacier, Neeta Incognita, Watts Bay, Frobisher Bay.
Cape Searle (Kachodluin) von S. gischen (Katingujang and Nuvukshin).