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William Willis, Howard University yearbook photograph.
Franz Boas, about age 12, school group portrait.
Minden (Germany): Cathedral.
Parsons, seated outside.
View between two icebergs.and person visible in foreground.
Franz Boas and three other men in uniform
Franz Boas in front of home in Grantwood, New Jersey.
Olden Times House 3.
Franz Boas with wife Marie in study.
John Alden Mason and Burt Bascow, full length, profile, informal, seated.
Eisberg, 28th Juli 1883.
Inuk girl
Inuit woman, girl, and man
Die Germania, am 20. August.
Albert Einstein with Hilda Michael on ship.
Man seated, taking notes at excavation site at Palenque, Mexico.
Eisberg, 28th Juli 1883.
Group of men in hats moving material at excavation site in Palenque, Mexico.
Cathedral, Minden (Germany).
House of Franz Boas' grandparents (Caroline and Feihus Boas)