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Inuk girl
Inuit woman, girl, and man
Franz Boas' study
Franz, Hete, and Anne Boas.
Franz Boas, with grandsons Robert and Philip Yampolsky
John Alden Mason, full length, standing in cave, Palenque, Mexico.
Franz Boas, "on board the Germania on trip to Arctic."
Boas family, seated, around table.
Franz Boas on his 70th birthday with Marie, children, and grandchildren
Franz Boas, Leo Sternberg, Waldemar Bogoras, and unidentified man
Franz and Marie Boas
Summer home of Franz Boas
Cabin (Franz Boas') on the Germania (ship).
Franz Boas on his 70th birthday with Marie and grandchildren
George Hunt and family with Franz Boas
Franz Boas with wife Marie and children Helene and Ernst, at piano.
Americanist Congress (17th: 1924): Hague (Netherlands).
Franz Boas, Fay-Cooper Cole, Robert H. Lowie, A.C. Aitken, and Alexander A. Goldenweiser
George Hunt and Jonathan Hunt
George Hunt at Fort Rupert, British Columbia.