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Benjamin Franklin, portrait, bust length, "A. Benjamin Franklin, Docteur en Medecine."
Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston January 17th, 1706, died in Philadelphia April 17th, 1790.
Benjamin Franklin, portrait, seated at desk.
Benjamin Franklin, brown tone, oval portrait.
Franklin before the Lords in Council, 1774.
Franklin as a tallow chandler.
Benjamin Franklin in red coat.
Color engraving of Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin, Provincial G. Master of the Province of Pennsylvania 1734.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin, seated at desk.
Franklin and Electricity, 1752.
Franklin stamp, two cents.
Franklin stamp, 1/2 cent, Commemorating the 250th anniversary of Franklin's birth.
Thomas Paine Cottage, North and Paine Aves., New Rochelle, N.Y., postcard.
Benjamin Franklin, 250th Anniversary stamps.
One cent Benjamin Franklin stamp, 1892.