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Chambers, seated at desk in laboratory, Woods Hole.
Homer Smith sitting at desk, looking into microscope, Woods Hole.
Addison, standing outside, Woods Hole, 1921.
Hartman, standing outside with gloves, holding possum by tail, Woods Hole.
Patterson, with pipe, standing against wall, Woods Hole.
Clews and Chambers, Woods Hole, 1921.
Carothers, sitting at table in laboratory, Woods Hole.
Koford, sitting at table with microscope, Woods Hole.
Glaser standing outside, water in background.
Lynch, standing outside, Woods Hole.
Linton, Woods Hole, 1921.
Wolfgang Köhler's office.
"Departure for America."
"Summer Solstice & and Miserable Modern Man," and "Songs for a Four-Crowned Dancing Hat."
Painted miniature portrait of Susan Lesley.
"Summer in Main."
Half length portrait of somber Susan Lesley in profile.
Wolfgang Köhler receiving Festschrift, 1962.
Bust of Susan Lesley, 3/4 profile.
Sturtevant, standing outside, Woods Hole.