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Visscher, standing outside in boots.
Trustees of Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory. Maine.
Joseph Russell Smith and Henrietta S. Smith in their room at George School, 1898.
Joseph Russell Smith at a young age.
View of children posed around Druim Moir fountain.
Northern Nut Growers' Association group portait, 1916.
Joselph Russell Smith, seated at table in Okaya, Japan, 1925.
Joseph Russell Smith, mounted photograph, 1908.
Joseph Russell Smith, seated in boat.
Ludlow Ogden Smith in Navy uniform.
William Ezra Lingelbach, 3/4 length, sitting, portrait.
Joseph Russell Smith, with unidentified men, Japan, 1925.
William Ezra Lingelbach at beach.
Joseph Russell Smith, formal portrait with beard.
William Ezra Lingelbach, profile, 3/4 length, informal, standing in front of radio microphone.
Abington Friends School, group portrait, 1892.
Ludlow Ogden Smith
William Ezra Lingelbach wearing graduation cap and robe.
Hall of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.
Richard Harrison Shryock (?), standing outside, leaning against rock.